Visual Simulation Legislation

On December 22, 2009 Mayor Ralph V. Suozzi and the Glen Cove City Council took a major step toward advancing smart growth principles through the passage of a Visual Simulation Ordinance, making Glen Cove one of the first municipalities in the nation to require “visual simulations” or 3-D digital animations for proposed large scale developments to enable viewers to literally see how these projects would impact the community.  The idea for a Visual Simulation Ordinance was originally conceived by Mayor Suozzi during the first term of his administration, in May 2006, as a way of providing the public with a visual conceptual plan for any new developments that would impact the community and surrounding neighborhood.  The new requirements enable the applicant/developer, the public and decision-makers/boards to walk through the animation in a real neighborhood accurate in measurement and scale, as opposed to a flat conceptual rendering or model.  A project can be viewed from any perspective, and viewers will be able to see the ways the proposal would affect neighborhood changes such as the casting of shadows, walkability, land use, open space and more.  The ordinance will give everyone the means to experience the project as contemplated, allowing for a richer and more intelligent discussion which will result in meaningful feedback on these proposals.