The Mission of the Finance Department is to safeguard and administer the City’s assets and provide comprehensive financial management information on the financial health in support of the mission to maintain the City’s fiscal strength.

The department is composed of five operating areas (Finance, Payroll & Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable.)

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for disbursing and accounting for all operating expenses, inclusive of wages, supplies and services (of approximately $75.16 million at present). It oversees revenue collections and ensures the accurate accounting of revenues due to the City. Other duties include compiling and issuing the preparation of the Cities annual operating budget and periodic budget projections. The Office also manages the financing of the city’s capital projects including multiple year construction projects and asset acquisitions.

The Finance department safeguards and manages all of the City’s cash assets and investments to maximize interest earnings and minimize risk and reviews all proposed City council resolutions or fiscal impact.

Payroll Office

Supervises, coordinates and accurately prepares the payroll for all City employees ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, policies and bargaining agreements.

Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Division procures materials, equipment and services at the lowest cost consistent with the quality and suitability required in accordance with the City’s Purchasing Policy and all applicable laws.

Accounts Payable

The Department processes payment to vendors after the service has been rendered, and proper paperwork has been submitted to the Accounts Payable Department. All payments require the approval of the City council. The City council meets twice per month, once approved, checks will be sent out the end of the week. You can email to determine if a specific payment is on the warrant.

Real Estate Tax

– Due Dates –

First Half City Tax:  Dec. 1 through Jan. 10

First Half County Tax: Jan. 1 through Feb.10

Second Half School Tax: Feb.1 through March 1

Second Half City Tax: June 1 through July 10

Second Half County Tax: July 1 through Aug. 10

First Half School Tax: Aug. 1 through Sept. 1

A discount will be provided for City taxes if paid in full during the first time period. All requests for tax information must be in writing and emailed to or fax a request to 516-320-7807 or 516-759-6791

Reminder:  City and County Real Estate Taxes Second Half Tax Due

The City of Glen Cove would like to remind all residents that City taxes are due June 1 and payable without penalty until July 10.  County taxes are due July 1 and payable without penalty until August 10.  Please send payments according to the instructions on the payment stub.

Location: 9 Glen St., 1st Floor – Main Chambers, Glen Cove

Phone: 516-676-2355

Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Tax Bills Mailed

The Receiver of Taxes mails tax bills by January 1st, August 1st and December 1st of each year. If you do not receive a bill within a week of mailing, you should contact the Tax Office at (516) 676-2355 or email

What Period Does the Tax Year Cover?

The City & County bills cover a calendar year that begins January 1st and ends December 31st of that same year. The School bills cover a fiscal year that begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year.

Who Receives a Tax Bill?

A tax bill is sent to the property owner, or to whomever the owner so designates, each year for City, County and School taxes. Each bill has two coupons attached, instructions on front & back, and a return envelope.

Does My Mortgage Company Know About My Taxes?

Yes. Your mortgage company receives information regarding the payment due. All exemptions are reflected in the amount provided to the mortgage company..

When are Taxes Due?

School and City Taxes, when are they due.   – School 2nd payment due by 2/1/18, you have until 3/1/18 to pay without penalty.  City taxes, 1st payment due by 12/1/17, you have until 1/10/18 to pay without penalty

2nd half City tax, Due 6/1/18, you have until 7/10/18 to pay without penalty.

Nassau County taxes when are they due?   – County taxes due by 1/1/18, you have until 2/10/18 to pay without penalty.  2nd half due by 7/1/18, you have until 8/10/18 to pay without penalty.

Is a Discount Offered for Paying My Taxes Early?

Yes. A one and one half percent discount is offered off of your second half City tax if the bill is paid in full by January 10.   The full amount due on coupon 1 already reflects the discount
No discount is offered on School and County tax bills.

What Happens If I Pay My Taxes Late?

o City – ¾ % interest is added to the rate for each month late.
o County – 1% interest is added for each month late.
o School – 1% interest is added each month late till February, then an additional ½ % interest is added each month till June.

In addition to the tax amount and interest due, a 5% penalty is added to any portion of the school tax which is still unpaid on March 20. (Note: penalty is calculated on the total of tax and interest).

I Did Not Receive My Tax Bill. Must I Pay Penalties and Interest?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to pay taxes on a property they own. Even if an owner does not receive a tax bill, it is the owner’s obligation to secure a tax bill and make payment. The taxpayer, therefore, is liable for all penalties and interest on late payments.

To Whom Do I Make the Payment and Where is it Mailed?

City tax is payable to “City of Glen Cove”. County tax is payable to “County of Nassau”. School tax is payable to “City School District”. All tax payments (including delinquent payments) should be mailed to:
City of Glen Cove, Finance Department, 9 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542.

Are Postmarks Accepted or Must My Payment Reach the Office by the Due Date?

Tax payments sent by US mail are credited by the date postmarked on the envelope. A postage-metered postmark is NOT acceptable. Taxpayers making payment close to the deadline date may want to bring it to the Post Office to have it hand-cancelled, or send it certified or registered mail. (County tax payments received after August 31 cannot be accepted regardless of postmark.)

May I Pay My Taxes in Person?

Yes. Tax payments are accepted at City Hall Monday – Friday (9 am – 4 pm) except legal holidays. Extended hours 9am-7pm, day before due date. Check website for exact dates.

My Check was Returned Unpaid by My Bank (Bounced). Will the Tax Receiver Re-Deposit My Check?

Yes. The City will attempt to re-deposit your check. If a check is returned twice, a payment is stopped or an account is closed, the tax payment will be cancelled and a $ 35.00 returned check fee will be added to the account as well as any appropriate interest and penalty charges..

What If I Can’t Pay the Total Amount Due?

All tax bills must be paid, there are NO partial payments of taxes due.

I Have Moved – Who Do I Contact to Change My Address?

If you still own the property, notify the City of Glen Cove Finance Department in writing to 9 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542 or email:
If you have sold the property and still receive a tax bill, email the City with the name of the new owner.

I Just Purchased Property in the City of Glen Cove. Do I Need to Contact Anyone Regarding Real Property Taxes?

Since it is the owner’s responsibility to pay taxes on property they own, it is recommended that you immediately email the City to obtain a current bill for the amount & when the payment is due..

I Have Paid Off My Mortgage and Taxes had been Escrowed by My Mortgage Company. Who Do I Notify Regarding My Real Property Tax Bill?

You should email the City of Glen Cove ( to request that future tax bills be sent directly to you. Make sure you give your correct mailing address and are advised when the next payment is due.

Will the City Take My Property If I do not Pay My Taxes?

No. If taxes remain unpaid by the date of the tax lien sale (in June), the City Controller will sell the tax at auction to outside buyers. Those buyers would then hold a lien on your property. The City will acquire as a lien any tax that doesn’t sell.

Does the City of Glen Cove have a Website for Tax Information?

The City’s website, gives some basic tax information. Go to Departments and click Finance.