13 Feb

City of Glen Cove Seeks To Finalize Names of “Landing” WWII Vets For New Monument

Monument Will Be Located At Morgan Memorial Park

Glen Cove, NY, February 13, 2018 …The City of Glen Cove is in the process of finalizing the list of names to be engraved on a new monument honoring World War II veterans who lived in the Landing area of Glen Cove. The new stone monument will replace a wooden monument that fell into a state of disrepair and was dismantled. Glen Cove resident Ben Farnan, who served in the Korean War, is leading a committee of veterans who designed the new monument and compiled the list of honorees. The new monument will be located at the entrance to Morgan Memorial Park.

The WWII monument will include up to 200 names of Glen Cove veterans who all resided within one square mile of each other in the City’s Landing neighborhood. This area is bordered by Germaine Street, Landing Road, Red Spring Lane, Barlow Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Crescent Beach Road, Roosevelt Street, Hill Street, Midge Street, and McLoughlin Street. A map of the Landing neighborhood is posted on the City of Glen Cove website, in the Veterans Services section (under Departments): http://www.glencove-li.us/veterans-services/.

The current list of names to be engraved on the new monument is posted online at http://www.glencove-li.us/veterans-services/. Residents with family members who resided in the Landing neighborhood and served in WWII are encouraged to review the list to check the accuracy of the spelling of their family members’ name(s), and to ensure that family members with Landing roots who served in WWII are on the list. Please contact Maggie Warner, City of Glen Cove Parks and Recreation Department, at (516) 676-3766 to share any spelling corrections or additions.