02 Feb

City of Glen Cove Appoints Three New Harbor Masters

Glen Cove Harbor Patrol New Members 2018

Glen Cove, NY, February 5, 2018 … Mayor Tim Tenke and Glen Cove City Council appointed three new Harbor Masters for the Glen Cove Harbor Patrol. It is the responsibility of the Harbor Patrol to locate, maintain, and assign mooring spaces as well as to maintain navigable channels to ensure the safe and orderly flow of boating traffic. Harbor Patrol Chief John Testa joined Mayor Tenke in presenting badges to new Harbor Patrol Masters David Caso, Giuseppe Sicuranza and John Pacini. To fulfill their Harbor Master certification requirements, the new members will be attending the Suffolk County Police Academy’s Basic Course for Peace Officers beginning on February 5.

Mayor Timothy Tenke acknowledged the important role the Glen Cove Harbor Patrol plays in protecting Glen Cove’s waterways for the enjoyment of boaters, swimmers and future ferry operators. “Glen Cove is fortunate to have such knowledgeable and skillful individuals working with Chief Testa to support our waterfront community,” said Mayor Tenke.

Picture: (L to R)

Front row – Glen Cove Police Department Deputy Chief Ortiz, Councilman Michael Zangari, Harbor Patrol Chief John Testa, Councilwomen Marsha Silverman and Pamela Panzenbeck, and Cadet John Pacini.

Back row – Cadet David Caso, Councilman Nick DiLeo, Mayor Timothy Tenke, Corporal Phil Congero, Deputy Chief Dionisio Graziosi, Councilman Kevin Maccarone and Councilman Joseph Capobianco.