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Question:  You spent quite a bit of time talking about the problem with the silt on East Island.  How is that a priority when you have constantly closed beaches for high bacteria count?  And roads that are falling apart.  And the Piazza is a mess.

Response:  Grant applications are always explained to the public prior to a vote being taken. Nassau County Department of Health (DOH) is responsible for monitoring the beaches and determining if they are suitable for swimming. Usually after a heavy rainfall beaches are closed as a precautionary matter. Roads and drainage work is done on an annual basis. The city spends in excess of $1million annually on maintaining our roads. The Piazza project is a private development project not a city project. Currently we are accepting proposals for a new developer if the current owner fails to execute in a timely manner.


Question:  Why haven’t you solved the high bacteria count at Crescent beach yet if the silt gates are so important?

Response:  The city has been trying to solve the bacterial count issue at Crescent beach since 2009. A lack of sewering and compromised cesspools are the culprits although numerous rounds of independent testing has not been able to locate a source of the problem.  Sewers are likely the main solution. The County has approved $12 million for design and construction of sewers in the area. The design phase should be completed in the coming months.


Question:  How are you going to deal with replacing the bulkheads to build 3 marinas when the past attempt was unsuccessful and these bulkheads, deemed un-replaceable, and project abandoned, because they are holding back toxic chemicals from flowing into the same creek you now want to build on both sides of?

Response:  1,200 ft. of bulkhead was replaced in 1999.  There was no problem in replacing them and the project was NOT abandoned.  We didn’t replace the rest because at that time the bulkhead was in good condition. The bulkhead is not holding back contamination.  The redevelopers have been working with the DEC, ACOE and DOS (coastal consistency permit) and the agencies will allow for the replacement of the 3 new marinas.  Nothing will be allowed unless the agencies approve and the redevelopers have taken great pains to make sure it is done properly. 


Question:  How do you plan on remediation the superfund sites so people can live there safely? 

Response:  The City and RXRGIP have been working with environmental engineers as well as the USEPA, NYSDEC, NYS DOH, Nassau County DOH to follow their stringent rules, regulations and protocols.   Additionally, DEC will have an inspector on site to assure that all SMP procedures are followed.


Question:  What guarantees are you providing and what declaration will be provided notifying people who are buying or renting a home explaining the potential risks of living on the superfund sites?

Response:  The final Amended Record of Decision will be issued in the coming weeks which allow for restricted residential usage of the properties.  Any additional work required will be listed in the SMP which is a guiding document regarding the environmental work to be performed on the property. Any additional work required will be listed in the SMP which a guiding document is regarding the environmental work to be performed on the property.


Question:  What is the specific remediation plan, who is doing the remediation, and who is paying for it?  When will it be completed, hopefully before real construction begins.

Response:  Additionally, there will be remediation being performed by the EPA on lower parcel C which is not a part of the residential plan.  If any additional work is required by the SMP it will be performed by the property owner after closing under the direction and oversite of the DEC.


Question:  When will it be complete and what specifically are the steps to be taken?

Response:  The SMPs go with the property and are always in place in case of future changes.


Question:  How will we know that it is done, and safe?

Response:  A NYSDEC inspector will be on site during construction. The redeveloper will be paying the cost. 


Question:  Regarding the flyer (RXR media mailer):

– Regarding the flyer below (RXR media mailer), (a) who paid for it; (b) how much did it cost; and (c) will there be future media mailers promoting the RXR development project?

Response:  City paid a total of approximately $2,500 including the cost of postage.  This was an informational piece not a promotional piece. The city will continue to inform residents of events that could significantly impact their property taxes.


Question:  Where are the financial statements that back up your math for this flyer not paid for by RXR, as you stated.  Still speculative?  And yet how can you print a scare tactic flyer and state them as facts?

Response:  Refer to the IDA website for assorted reports.


Question:  Why can’t you compromise on the height of the two towers?

Response:  In 2003 there were 16, 15, and 14 story towers included in the plan.  In 2011 on the western parcel there were two 12 story towers and two 4 story towers.  We reduced the density by 20% and the number of building to one 11 story tower and one 5 story tower.  Aside from the 11 story tower all other buildings are 5 stories or less.


Question:  Regarding the community, informational picnic for which I was issued a permit that was subsequently revoked, if the city is disinclined to allow its citizens to meet in the park and discuss various issues, is the city prepared to offer an alternate location where its citizens can exercise freedom of speech as well as freedom of assembly? Also, why did the mayor feel inclined to have GCPD contact me about this matter? Is there something criminal about having citizens meet in a park?

Response:  The City does not offer alternate locations for any group gatherings.  The Glen Cove Police Department serves all residents of the community. The GCPD contacted you because the City was informed that you were still promoting the event at Morgan Park without a permit. The City wanted to be proactive to avoid any conflicts or confrontations at the park on August 6th, should a group choose to gather there without a valid permit.


Question:  Does the city have a position as to how its citizens convening in the park to discuss issues would prevent others from being able to quietly enjoy the park, and if so, what is the city’s position here? Please note, I was given an email address of by Darcy Balyea, Director of Parks and Recreation for follow-up. Please confirm that this is an actual address for Harry Morgan, Chairman of the Board of Morgan’s Park Foundation. Based upon a cursory investigation, I was not able to confirm that this was an actual email address for an actual person; and

Response:  The City has no issues with people convening in a park provided it’s done in a lawful manner and in accordance with all rules and regulations of the City.  The City of Glen Cove is a tenant in Morgan Memorial Park and is required to adhere to the Morgan Park Trust Agreement executed by the parties in 1932.  Portions of the lease have been codified in the Glen Cove City Code as to the communities that are permitted to use the park. The agreement specifies that the use of the park is limited to the quiet enjoyment of Glen Cove and Locust Valley residents. The City provided you with the email address for trustee Harry Morgan.  I believe you contacted him and he informed you that he did not approve of the proposed use of Morgan Park and suggested that you use another venue.

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