City of Glen Cove Animal Shelter is operated by Cove Animal Rescue. (501c3)


Our mission is to increase the adoptability of homeless dogs and cats through training, socialization and improved surroundings that facilitate transition to a home environment.

Cove Animal Rescue is a not for profit organization that believes in a No-Kill, No-cage environment to help eliminate the fear and stresses that make an animal difficult to present for adoption, and difficult to transition into a home environment.

To improve conditions, private benefactors who believe in this philosophy, have made it possible for Cove Animal Rescue to focus on expanding the shelter and to create a cage-free colony-like wing for the cats that will include windows for their natural curiosity. This addition will allow the dogs to occupy most of the original space that will include living, exercise and play areas that enhance a dog’s predisposition to being a member of a group rather than living in isolation.

Cove Animal Rescue consists of a Board comprised of individuals with professional and managerial experiences of diverse backgrounds, and is supported by advisory committees for specific issues related to animal welfare. The Cove Animal Rescue Board members are Mr. Stefan Geiringer; Ms. Betty Geiger; Mr. Arthur Koppleman; Ms. Barbara Hall; Gil Feldman, DVM; Ms. Franca Trunzo and Ms. Yelena Kharchevka. Many of the participants are former ALL volunteers.

The goal is to increase the number of adoptions

We welcome the inclusion of existing volunteers, Veterinarians, and anyone else who is willing to provide their enthusiasm and time to the benefit of the animals. We welcome all observations, insights and concerns and will work toward a better environment for the animals as they move toward becoming an adoptable pet.

Executive Director: Kathy Norcia

40 Shore Road, Glen Cove
Glen Cove Dog Park Rules