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Community Update from Mayor Timothy Tenke

Mayor Tenke

Covid-19 Community Update

April 6, 2020

I hope this call finds you and your loved ones safe and at home.  As of today, there are 168 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Glen Cove, and I feel over the next week or so that those numbers may go up. This is a reminder that we need to take it very seriously and follow the guidelines of social distancing. I have heard from Glen Cove Hospital that the virus is airborne, so the best thing to do is stay home. If must go out, you should wear a mask, scarf, or bandana to protect yourself and other people. You should wear gloves and wash your hands frequently.  If you feel any type of symptoms, such as a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, please call your physician or local emergency Med Station.  Do not go to the hospital or doctor’s office without calling first for further instructions.

I want to extend my gratitude to Glen Cove hospital.  They are doing a phenomenal job. Our Doctors, Nurses and all the hospital staff are working around the clock.  We owe them a big “thank you”. But we need to do our part as well. We need to take this very seriously.

After much consideration and at the recommendation of our police dept. we have closed the beaches, parks, golf course and dog park to keep people from gathering at these locations. If you need to go out and walk, please walk in your neighborhoods and observe social distancing if you see anyone while out.  I want to thank those local businesses for staying open during this time. You really are a lifeline to a lot of people. I would like to thank the mailmen, delivery people, grocery store workers, and all the volunteers that distribute food. I also want to thank the First Responders in our City; Police, Fire, and EMS for doing an excellent job during this crisis. The City has been actively pursuing all resources to ensure that all First Responders get personal protection equipment while working.

City Hall will remain closed to the public for the time being. Only essential employees are working on a limited schedule. The City is continuing to conduct business remotely and all departments are monitoring their emails and phone messages. Meetings are being conducted remotely through Microsoft Teams. The public can participate in meetings either through your personal computer or your cell phone. Please visit the Glen Cove website at for upcoming meetings and public hearings. You can also get all the latest updates and information there.

Garbage pickup will remain as it is currently. Pickup is once a week for both garbage and recyclables. Please continue to separate your trash from your recyclables and we are doing our best to keep them sorted during this difficult time. If you are unsure of your garbage schedule you can go to the city web page or call DPW. After using a mask, gloves or other PPE device, please dispose of them properly. Please don’t just throw them on the ground. We need to keep our City clean. We all need to make sacrifices and we need share this community together.

Lastly, remember to look out for your family and neighbors. We are all in this together. That is why I ask all, to stay safe, stay calm, and stay home.

Mayor Tim Tenke

City Hall Closed to Public

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